This amazing iceberg in Newfoundland comes courtesy of some terrible weather

A towering iceberg, about the same size as the one that brought down the Titanic, is wowing residents and tourists off the coast of Newfoundland. Amazingly, 90% of this behemoth iceberg is submerged beneath the water and is not visible to spectators.

Icebergs are nothing new in Newfoundland, which lies in what is known as “iceberg alley.” But this iceberg has occurred at an odd time of year in an unusual place.

With #globalwarming and #climatechange come more iceberg calving events in the western ice sheets of Greenland. And with these calving events, more and more large icebergs will get picked up by the Labrador Current and pushed south to places like Newfoundland. Get ready for more Big ‘Bergs!

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