One World. One Bracelet.


The blue beads contain seawater from the 7 seas and the green beads contain soil from the 7 continents.

Soil Samples (green beads)

  1. Asia (AS)
  2. Europe (EU)
  3. Africa (AF)
  4. North America (NA)
  5. South America (SA)
  6. Australia (OC)
  7. Antarctica (AN)

SEA SAMPLES (blue beads)

  1. Arctic Ocean (AO)
  2. N. Atlantic Ocean (NAO)
  3. S. Atlantic Ocean (SAO)
  4. N. Pacific Ocean (NPO)
  5. S. Pacific Ocean (SPO)
  6. Indian Ocean (IO)
  7. Southern Ocean (SO)

The soil and seawater samples are collected by our Global Ambassadors located around the world and shipped to our production facility where we use 100% recycled silicone to create the bracelets.

The One World Bracelet serves as a reminder in today's divisive climate that we all share far more in common with each other than we realize and we should never let our differences define us.