One World. One Bracelet.

The One World Bracelet symbolizes the fact that we are all one people inhabiting the same world and we share so many more similarities than differences. We think that's worth celebrating and hope you do too.


SEA SAMPLES (blue beads)

Seawater sample locations and abbreviations:

  1. Arctic Ocean - Alaska, USA  (AO)
  2. N. Atlantic Ocean - New York, NY, USA  (NAO)
  3. S. Atlantic Ocean - Bueno Aires, Argentina  (SAO)
  4. N. Pacific Ocean - Los Angeles, CA, USA  (NPO)
  5. S. Pacific Ocean - Valparaiso, Chile  (SPO)
  6. Indian Ocean - Perth, Australia  (IO)
  7. Southern Ocean - Ross Island, Antarctica  (SO)
OWB Pic 5


Soil Samples (green beads)

Soil sample locations and abbreviations:

  1. Asia - Tokyo, Japan  (AS)
  2. Europe - Paris, France  (EU)
  3. Africa - Johannesburg, South Africa  (AF)
  4. North America - Denver, Colorado, USA  (NA)
  5. South America - Buenos Aires, Argentina  (SA)
  6. Australia - Sydney, Australia  (OC)
  7. Antarctica - McMurdo, Ross Island  (AN)